Fujinon XF 18mm f2.0 Lens Unboxing and Sample Photos

After almost a month of waiting, it finally arrived! My new 18mm Fujinon lens. My sister bought this lens for me from Fujifilm Philippines during DPP’s 8th Anniversary Party since I couldn’t make it.


For Php 9,000 this lens is a steal! Thank you Fujifilm! :) I’ve been meaning to buy a wide lens for my travel and now I finally have one. Yay!

fujinon-xf-18mm-lens-unboxing-by-cea (1)

Here’s what’s inside the box: The 18mm lens, front and rear cap, lens hood and cap, owner’s manual, warranty booklet, and lens pouch/cloth.fujinon-xf-18mm-lens-unboxing-by-cea (2)

Lightweight and small. Looks good on my X-T1 :)fujinon-xf-18mm-lens-unboxing-by-cea (3)

18mm and 35mm comparison
fujinon-xf-18mm-lens-unboxing-by-cea (4)

fujinon-xf-18mm-lens-unboxing-by-cea (5)

And a few test shots (with my dogs of course!) :p

This lil guy looks confused, probably wondering what's in front of him. I got a couple of shots of him here. He just stood there. :))

fujinon-xf-18mm-lens-unboxing-by-cea (7)

...and now he's ready for the camera! Smile!!! :Dfujinon-xf-18mm-lens-unboxing-by-cea (6)

Buchi and the girls. fujinon-xf-18mm-lens-unboxing-by-cea (8)

Selfie with Ube! No selfie pod here, just an 18mm. ;) fujinon-xf-18mm-lens-unboxing-by-cea (9)

First impression? Definitely satisfied! Sharp lens with great depth of field. I've yet to use it in my actual shoots and travel and I am so looking forward to that! :)

Thanks again Fuji for the 70% discount! Should we expect more in the future??? Maybe with the.. ehem.. 56 or the 10-24??? :D #spoiled