Fujifilm X-T1 Unboxing – Fresh from Macys!

I am so stoked to finally receive this package today! My Fujifilm X-T1 :)
I ordered this yesterday at Macys Camera Shop Cebu. This is the first time I ordered from them and I have nothing but good things to say. Hassle-free, fast transaction, and speedy delivery. I wasn’t expecting my X-T1 to arrive until tomorrow but it arrived today, only a day after I ordered. Thank you Macys and LBC! :)

Now onto the fun part… the unboxing! I was grinning the whole time! I’m very excited to try and test this baby out. :D

fujifilm-x-t1-unboxing-by-cea-01The box says X-T1 with XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 R LM OIS. I only ordered the body and decided not to get the kit. I got the 35mm f1.4 instead. Mmmm prime lens. It would’ve been awesome to have the 56mm f1.2 but sadly, it’s out of the budget.

fujifilm-x-t1-unboxing-by-cea-02Fresh out of the box, the X-T1, owner’s manual, CD, and the supplied accessories.

fujifilm-x-t1-unboxing-by-cea-03Here you have the X-T1 body with body cap, NP-W126 rechargeable battery, battery charger and cord, shoulder strap,  EF-X8 shoe-mounted flash unit, metal clips, clip attaching tool, and protective covers.

fujifilm-x-t1-unboxing-by-cea-04Macys gave me this free Lexar memory card.

fujifilm-x-t1-unboxing-by-cea-05The X-T1 with the metal clips and protective covers attached.

fujifilm-x-t1-unboxing-by-cea-06The X-T1 with the 35mm lens attached (I will share my unboxing photos on my next post) not the 18-55mm kit.


fujifilm-x-t1-unboxing-by-cea-083 stops exposure dials.

fujifilm-x-t1-unboxing-by-cea-09Fujifilm X-T1 DSLR-ish design. I actually like the fact that it still looks like a DSLR. It will make the transition easier.

I already did a couple of test shot (mostly of my dogs) and will share them here in future post. I am pretty excited to use this to an actual wedding and portrait shoot. :)

[The photos above were shot using Nikon D7000]


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