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  • Travel Iloilo on Budget – Top 12 Things To Do In The Metro Without Spending Too Much Dough!

    Travel Iloilo on Budget – Top 12 Things To Do In The Metro Without Spending Too Much Dough!

    To travel Iloilo on budget is actually a much more enriching experience than many think. Considering that it is a city rich of history and is of close proximity to some of the best beaches in the world, you surely don’t need to splurge just to experience its best and bring back home golden memories.…

  • Malalison Island Culasi Antique Travel Information

    Malalison Island Culasi Antique Travel Information

    Culasi is a third class municipality in the province of Antique, located 189 KM north of Iloilo. The people here take pride in the natural beauty of their town. From the remote white sand beaches, lush mountains, breathtaking scenery, to fresh seafoods! You will simply enjoy being together in nature when you visit Culasi. The Legend…

  • Puka Beach Boracay

    Puka Beach Boracay

    Puka Beach, unlike White Beach in Stations 1 to 3, is a quieter and relax place away from the crowd of tourist. It is called Puka beach mainly because you’ll find puka shells in here and locals often gathers them here to make souvenir items such as bracelets and necklaces. It is located north of…

  • Downtown Iloilo Photos

    Downtown Iloilo Photos

    Just taking my UWA lens down for a photo-walk. =) I’ll be updating this gallery to add more photos. (best viewed in Full Screen. click the FS button on the lower right next to SL)

  • A trip to the Mystic Island

    Siquijor is the smallest island province in the Central Visayas Region and also the third smallest province in the country both in terms of population and land area, after Camiguin and Batanes. Called Isla del Fuego or the “Island of Fire” by the Spanish before, Siquijor is considered by many Filipinos to be a mystical…

  • Dumaguete Cathedral and Belfry

    St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral (Dumaguete Cathedral – built 1811) [click to view larger image] More pictures

  • San Antonio Resort Roxas, Capiz

    Click here to view more photos. Contact Mobile Number: +63 920 9825377 E-mail:

  • Nagcarlan, Laguna – Underground Cemetery

    Fr. Vicente Belloc, a Franciscan missionary, led the construction of the Underground Cemetery in 1845. [click to view larger image] This served as a secret meeting place of Filipino revolutionaries in 1896.