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  • WordPress 404 Homepage Redirect

    WordPress 404 Homepage Redirect

    Page not found. Once a visitor reads it, tendency is for them to leave your page. Not good! If you’re using WordPress, here’s a very simple code to automatically redirect all your lost visitors back to your homepage:

  • Disable Comments in All WordPress Posts

    Disable Comments in All WordPress Posts

    We all want valuable comments in our blog, but what could be the reason why we want to disable it? I can only think of two reasons, first is if you don’t want your site to look like a blog, and second is to avoid comment spams!! Here’s a simple process to disable all comments…

  • How to Test Your Site in Different Browsers

    How to Test Your Site in Different Browsers

    As a web designer, it is very important to test your pages in different browsers to make sure all your readers get to see the right contents. If they see otherwise, then bye bye traffic, they’ll click the “x” button in a flash! Of all the major browsers, everyone knows that IE is the blacksheep…

  • Beach Wedding Photobook

    Beach Wedding Photobook

    Wedding photo storybook layout I made for Perry and Elaine’s beach wedding at Sol y Mar, Tigbauan, Iloilo. All wedding photos taken by Cea + Jan Photography

  • Vintage Wedding Photobook

    Vintage Wedding Photobook

    Wedding photo storybook layout I made for Lance and Femie. The theme of their wedding is black and white and I added a little spanish twist on their layout theme. :D All photos taken by Cea + Jan photography.

  • Skype is Down!!!

    Skype is Down!!!

    Many Skype users (including me) have experienced a worldwide outage earlier this day. They explained in their Status Update what may have been the cause of this downtime. The last major outage was in 2007 and lasted a day.

  • Cigar Guy??

    I haven’t heard of him until after I read an article on Yahooo! Cigar guy is this mysterious grinning stranger in the corner of that famous Daily Mail Tiger Woods photo. So who is he??

  • Happy 12th Birthday Google

    [Image by: Wayne Thiebaud] Happy Birthday Google! (September 4, 1998) Thanks for GOOGLE chrome, earth, map, gmail, adsense, webmaster, analytics, blogger, picasa, talk, voice, gears, buzz, calendar, docs, gadget, translate, search, and many, many more!!! ^_^