Whois-Search & Internet Archive

Do you ever wonder who owns the website you are browsing or maybe how it looks like years ago?

Here are two very helpful websites that I sometimes use in my work (thought I should share it for those who are not familiar with it yet)


Whois Search and Internet Archive


If you check the whois info of my website you will see my name, domain name server, registrar, as well as the creation and expiration date. My profile is set to public in my domain host that’s why you can view all those information. However there are some domains that only show limited information, those that are set to private.
In my work, I use this to check and verify the expiration date of the domains that we have so we could renew it, or to check where it is hosted in our server. Also it is useful if you want to contact the owner of the site or the person who manages it, for example the whois info of Google.


Now for this one I used it before when we are trying to retrieve the old contents of the websites that we have. The archive doesn’t apply to all websites. It doesn’t show those newly registered domains like my website which I only setup last year.
This is actually very interesting because it shows how famous websites like Facebook or Youtube looks like when they were first develop.
It loads a little slow so bare with it. hehe Remember, it’s an Internet ARCHIVE. There are many data’s there!

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So enjoy browsing (or stalking) the website owners or take a look back at how your favorite site looks like when they were still young! ^_^