Star Trails at Villa Igang, Guimaras

My second star trails, still in Guimaras! ^_^

Location: Villa Igang Beach Resort (Poblacion Nueva Valencia, Guimaras)
Date & Time: 01.09.10 10:40pm

Camera: Nikon D40 kit lens 18-55mm

Aperture: f/7
Exposure Time (bulb mode using IR remote): 770 sec or about 13 mins
ISO: 200
Exposure compensation: -3

Here are some of the items I used for this shot:


5 responses to “Star Trails at Villa Igang, Guimaras”

  1. Jerik de Guzman Avatar

    Wow! Was searching about villa igang i came across your site. i also stayed there and the moon was ridiculously so round and beautiful if i had a camera and eye like yours that would be perfect., sorry what are star trails.. thanks!

  2. admin Avatar

    @Jerik, Star trails are actual recordings of stars and its trails as the earth moves. The camera is exposed for about 13minutes (like in my settings above) to capture this shot. Good thing the sky was clear and there’s a fiesta of stars (as I call it! hehe) that night. It was the perfect time to shoot something like this. Thanks for your comment! =)

  3. Graxxxa Avatar

    Hi Master! Hihi at loooong last! Na-try ko man xa..hihi. Thanks thanks gd sa idea…AYDUL!

  4. Dr. Adriano A. Arcelo Avatar
    Dr. Adriano A. Arcelo

    What a beautiful picture! How I wish I have your expertise because I love to see excellent picture like the one you took. One night there was full moon and my 6-year old grandson John Zenon and me were enjoying the evening breeze while we were up in in the veranda our cottage at Villa Igang, my grandson said, “Lolo, let us live here. It is so beautiful with the full moon.” How I wish I know how to take beautiful moon at night at Villa Igang. Congratulations for having taken such a beautiful picture. My grown-up grandchildren took beautiful pictures of the sunset and various places of Villa Igang. These are some pictures I treasure.

    Let me know when you will be back at Villa Igang. I might be there too.

  5. admin Avatar

    Thanks for the compliment Dr. Arcelo! =)
    It is indeed a great place to stay.. lots of great views and the evening is jut perfect.
    No plans yet on when to return, but I will surely do. Last time I went there they are still renovating and improving the look of the place.
    Can’t wait to go back once everything is finish!