ShutterbugsDesign’s Domain Name and Hosting


My website is born!
Here are some question and answer portion from me, by me:

Why did you choose the domain name “shutterbugsdesign”?

Simple, I am a shutterbug and I like making designs, especially web designs with my partner Photoshop!
At first I wanted it to be more personal like putting my name or nickname but then, my name doesn’t sound right and it’s hard to spell and PRONOUNCE. So to make it easier, I chose a common name. Not only is it easier to remember and spell, it also sounds professional, and may be good in google search results ranking.

How did you acquire that domain name?

In order to own your domain name, you have to choose a registrar. Domain registrars are companies accredited to register Internet domain names by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and by a national ccTLD authority. Some of the most common registrars include Network Solutions, Enom, GoDaddy and Register.

I registered my domain name in GoDaddy for a fee of $10.19/year and use Paypal for the mode of payment. Why GoDaddy? I’ve been familiar with this since my job often includes registration of domains and I already know GoDaddy’s interface. Also, this is cheaper compared to other registrars and it now dominates the domain name industry.

Registering a domain name only gives you ownership of the domain name alone. Just the name!

If registering a domain name only gives me ownership, then how do I put contents in my site?

The next step after buying your domain name is to find the right hosting. To make it easier, hosting companies gives you the right to upload your own sites content. They have specific nameserver where you redirect your domain name’s IP. The most common web hosts are Hostgator, Bluehost, Hostmonster, and Web Hosting Pad.

Most domain name registrars also provide hosting services but it is advisable that you purchase them separately from different company.

I actually would like to purchase my hosting with Hostgator because of their Online Support. They are nice and gives you solution to your problems and inquiries right away. I should know, I’ve talk to them several times already! (hehe)
Unfortunately they are a bit expensive and so I made my purchase with Bluehost. I paid $59.40/year again using Paypal. Bluehost is cheaper and I’ve read good reviews about their service. My Bluehost hosting actually comes with a free domain name but I decided not to use it. When it comes to their online support… I don’t really like it. When I asked a question they gave me links to their site instead of just answering it right there and then.  That was just my first experience anyway, I’ll just have to see in the future if they are nicer.

Now that I have domain name and hosting, what’s next?

After purchasing your domain name and hosting what you need to do is transfer the DNS or Domain Name Server. You can find this information with your hosting then put that info in your domain name settings.
There usually 2 nameservers but there could also be more. After changing the nameserver of your domain name, you need to wait for a couple of hours or even a day for it to propagate. Once the DNS is transferred, you can now see your website with your own content…that is, if you’ve already uploaded and setup your website!

For more questions and info, just Google it or leave a comment. ^_^Shutterbugs Design

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