A Quick Solution for Internet Connection Problem

Recently I’ve been having problems with my Internet connection…Thanks a lot PLDT DSL! >:(

I’ve called their support several times already..i’m like their suki na!

Now you don’t need to wait for a couple of days just for them to fix it.
Just chill. Inhale… Exhale…
Try this solution first before you start smashing your keyboards and your mouse!!

At first, try restarting your modem (and router if you are using any) and your pc/laptop.

If you’re still not connected try this:

  • Go to Network Connections
  • Check the properties of your LAN (TCP/IPv4) make sure IP and DNS are all set to automatic.
  • Next go to command prompt
  • Type ipconfig /release hit enter
  • Now type ipconfig /renew hit enter

Open a browser and check if you’re now connected. Restart again if not.

If it’s still not connected…CALL SUPPORT!! Report the problem. Wait for them to fix it.

Just be patient =)

Note: This particular solution applies to Windows Vista (just give it a try if you’re using a different OS).