Pixel Peeper – Sample Shots taken by Various Lenses and Cameras

Are you thinking of buying a new lens or camera and wanted to see the result of the picture taken?


Here’s a great site for you to do just that!

By going to their Advanced Search option, you will be ask to choose what particular lens you wanted to see sample photos of and to what camera body it is mounted. If you wanted to be more specific you can even try and put the focal length, ISO, aperture, exposure, and the pixels.

All of the sample images shown are from flickr. So if you’re using flickr, you may want to tag it correctly with the right specs, camera and lens used.

Here’s a sample search I did:
Nikon D40 body with Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens –i really want to have this lens!! =(

If you want to buy me this (i wish!) check out the pricing here: