Guimaras Manggahan Festival 2014 – Mangoes and Pasalubong!

Filipinos absolutely love buying souvenirs whenever they go places. Guimaras Island boast itself to have the sweetest mangoes and they recently concluded the Manggahan Festival this year 2014. My friends and I went there with two things in mind, to try the mango pizza and their eat all you can mango!!! :D



Mango eat all you can is from 12nn to 2pm only. You have to pre-register and pay Php 100. You are allowed to eat for 30 minutes only. I was looking forward to it but unfortunately, we were late! We arrived at 2pm and the last batch of mango eaters is about to finish. :(


Nothing to be sad about. Instead of sulking into the thought of not eating mangoes to my heart’s delight, I bought myself 9 mangoes for Php 175.00! You can buy it for Php 80.00 or Php 90.00 per kilo.


Another famous product from Guimaras are cashew nuts. You can purchase them with price ranging from Php 10.00 per pack to Php 250.00. guimaras-mango-manggahan-festival-2014-by-cea-04 guimaras-mango-manggahan-festival-2014-by-cea-05

A must-try is their Cashew (peanut) Butter. Php 120.00 for the small one (250 gms.). It tastes much lighter than peanut butter and it's not too sweet.


More pasalubongs!!!

guimaras-mango-manggahan-festival-2014-by-cea-07 guimaras-mango-manggahan-festival-2014-by-cea-08 guimaras-mango-manggahan-festival-2014-by-cea-09 guimaras-mango-manggahan-festival-2014-by-cea-10 guimaras-mango-manggahan-festival-2014-by-cea-11 If you're planning a summer vacation in Guimaras, plan it during the Manggahan Festival  so you can have a taste of one of the sweetest mangoes in the world! :) guimaras-mango-manggahan-festival-2014-by-cea-12