Grunge Vintage Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Here’s a simple tutorial to edit your boring low resolution picture into something creative.

1. Open the image.
(I will be using this picture I took using my webcam in black and white)

2. We’ll start by adding the vintage effect.
Create new Solid Color fill layer with the value of #000033

3. Change the blending mode to Exclusion and adjust the opacity to 50%.

Your image should look like this:

4. Add noise to give it a more vintage and grunge look. Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise…

5. Now for the fun part…TEXTURE! This can really change the look and feel of your image once you start adding it to the layers. You can find a lot of them free to download and use at stock.xchng or deviantart.

For this tutorial I will use Virus Grunge by Wheel of Fish:

6. Paste the texture and change the blending mode to Soft Light

Your image should look like this:

7. De-saturate the texture a little bit (I adjusted it to -25)

8. Adjust the Levels or Brightness/Contrast depending on your photo.

9.Flatten all the layers and you’re done! =)


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  1. Lara@ Avatar

    Wow cool content! Amazing tutorial dude. It�s insane just how many breathtaking tutorials you guys post. Absolutely love your work. Many thanks!