First Contest, First Exhibit, First WIN!!!

Fotoshoot 2009 at Villa RosaView contest details and info at

This was the first ever photography contest  event that I attended to shoot models and to promote a resort. There were a lot of photographers who participated in both categories; for students and amateur photographers; and for PALI (Photo Artists League of Iloilo) members and students – my category.

Here are my photos that made it to the exhibit:

img018Included in the top 100 photos displayed at the exhibit.


and my winning entry…

First Place in the PALI member and students category!

This was the first photography contest that I joined,
The first time my photo was displayed to the public on a mall exhibit,
and the first time I WON!!! Yipee!

Just merely seeing my photo on an exhibit is already a big achievement! But winning the prize?? WOW!

An advice to myself and to everybody: “Just enjoy shooting. If it’s a contest don’t get pressured coz it takes the fun out of it! Just remember that what’s important is seeing your work and being happy about it.  A prize is good, but what’s even better is your own fulfillment and knowing that you’ve achieved something! Just have fun and appreciate the beauty of every photograph you capture! Again, Enjoy it shutterbugs!”

Ayos ba? hehe…

I’d like to thank everyone who supported me, for the people who organized this event, those who gave advice, and those who congratulated me! Thanks much! ^_^

View the rest of my pictures in my multiplylogo account.

Visit for the awarding and opening of the exhibit.

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5 responses to “First Contest, First Exhibit, First WIN!!!”

  1. nicnacks Avatar

    Yey! First comment. Congrats Cey! Bagay na bagay gd sa blog mo ba. Naks may advice pa ba. Keep it up!

  2. toby Avatar

    Kaw gali ang isa ka ngdaog? Congrats!

  3. admin Avatar

    Huo sir sa PALI nga category. First time gni. la ko ga expect. hehe.. Thanks! =)

  4. admin Avatar

    Pirme ka lng first comment. hehe.. Thanks Nic! =)

  5. matthew chua Avatar

    ei… nice job! your advice is worth reading…. i think the whole world would appreciate this blog if they happen to drop by and read this post