Dos Mestizos Restaurant Boracay

Dos Mestizos Restaurant offers traditional Spanish and Filipino cuisine located in Station 2 Boracay. Ranked #13 in TripAdvisors restaurants in Boracay this restaurant has gone a long way from the beginning of their operation.


Complimentary bread with 2 dipping sauce (garlic and herbs and i don’t know hahah but it was delicious!). We ate it all while waiting for our order.

 We only ordered two dish: Calamares Rellenos (squid stuffed with chopped egg, chilli, garlic, tomato). The squid is cooked just right and you can tell it is fresh! I could eat one (or two) serving of this alone! :D dos-mestizos-boracay-restaurant-filipino-spanish-cuisine-3

Paella de Mariscos (fresh seafood paella) - Small serving good for 2 to 3 persons. It may seem small but don't underestimate this dish. It will make you full in no time! It was quite heavy since it's rice add to that the vegetables, the seafoods and the savory sauce! We didn't finish the entire dish. We brought our leftovers back in our hotel. Would love to eat this again next time or try the other paella variations. :) dos-mestizos-boracay-restaurant-filipino-spanish-cuisine-4 dos-mestizos-boracay-restaurant-filipino-spanish-cuisine-5 Dos Mestizos is no doubt one of the best restaurants in Boracay! Just prepare to shell out some moolah since their price is not for those who are on a budget. You're looking to spend more than P500 for a meal.

If you want to cap off your final night in Boracay with a cozy atmosphere, great music and good food, Dos Mestizos is your place. :)