Creative Wedding Ring Photos for Inspiration

WEDDING RINGS worn on the ring finger on the left hand (depending on the couple’s culture), it symbolizes eternal love and never ending sacrament of marriage.

It is often a challenge for photographers to take a picture of the couple’s ring in a unique way, much better if you can photograph it base on their personality or their lifestyle.

Wedding Photo by Phamster

Here’s a list of unique wedding ring shots for inspiration.

For the beach bums

Jamaica Wedding Rings Photo by Justin Lucarelli

For the bubbly one’s

Ring Bubble Photo by Martin Turner

For the sweet tooth

Cake Rings Photo by Krista Guenin

For the singers

Wedding Ring Mic Photo by Misha Media

For the young at heart

wedding monster Photo by leneux8

For the gamers

Very Unique Rings Shot Photo by Dave and Charlotte

For the royalty

Royal Wedding Photo by meppol

For iPhone users

wedding ring iPhone Photo by Ryan Brenizer

For the techie

Wedding Ring Keyboard Photo by MotorBoat4107

For photographers

Wedding Ring Camera Photo by Amanda Kay

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