Canon EOS 60D???

Is this the new replacement of Canon 50D???
Rumor has it that this Canon camera has the following specs:

  • 18MP
  • 9AF Points
  • ISO 6400 Max
  • 6.5/fps
  • Movie mode like the 7D
  • Slightly smaller than the 50D
  • Sealed magnesium alloy body
  • New Menu System
  • Articulating LCD
  • Has new feature that isn’t available to other EOS cameras
  • GPS functionality
  • Rumored released date is on the 3rd week of August
  • Price about $1190

Of course this isn’t confirmed yet. Some maybe included in the specs and some maybe not or maybe Canon 60D just doesn’t exist now or won’t exist. Let’s wait till the 3rd week of August or maybe check out Canon’s website often just so we get a legit info.

I do hope that Canon will release a new Camera anytime soon if not the 60D…but I think most of the specs are plausible. Don’t you think? Hmmm…

It’s official!
Canon EOS 60D announced! Read more here.