A Very Rainy Stroll


Camera: Olympus FE-360
Location: Dumangas, Iloilo, Philippines

We planned to go on an afternoon shooting trip. We wanted to see the sunset, the beautiful scenery at the Dumangas Coastal, Iloilo.
When we left the city it was as hot as hell, when we arrive to our destination it was as dark as hell.
Nonetheless we had fun!
I matched the mood of that day on how I edited the photos. Mostly using lomo technique and in black and white.

Here are some of the pictures I took…

[svgallery name=”090615-Dumangas”]


2 responses to “A Very Rainy Stroll”

  1. toby Avatar

    Very nice! Very Artistic!

  2. admin Avatar

    Thanks sir Toby! =)