Star Trails at Villa Igang, Guimaras

January 12th, 2010|

My second star trails, still in Guimaras! ^_^

Location: Villa Igang Beach Resort (Poblacion Nueva Valencia, Guimaras)
Date & Time: 01.09.10 10:40pm

Camera: Nikon […]

Bokeh Christmas

December 29th, 2009|

It’s December and there are a lot of lights all over the place! What better way to shoot these Christmas […]

Star Trails at Alubihud Beach, Guimaras

November 17th, 2009|

Finally, I shot my very first star trails! ^_^

Location: Raymen’s Beach Resort (Alubihud Beach, Guimaras)
Date & Time: 11.16.09 1:00am

Camera: […]