This money was use around 1965-1986 under the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos (base on the signature of the president at that time). I’m not sure about the exact date, can’t find it anywhere within the money.

It’s hard to find something like this nowadays even if you search ebay or amazon. So this particular money is now a collectibles item.

10 Pesos (front)Front View of the old Philippine 10 Pesos Money

Here are more photos…

10 Pesos (back)
Back view of the old 10 pesos Philippine money with Urdaneta and Legaspi Monument design.

10 Pesos

GomBurZaFathers Burgos, Gomez, and Zamora front view design.

10 Pesos & 1 Dollar10 Pesos with similar design to US dollar.

Note: THIS MONEY IS NOT FOR SALE. I’m only posting it here to share a piece of our history.

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