nikonD4002(image taken with Olympus FE-360)

Just bought my first DSLR camera last friday. (Yipee!) I did a little research before I made my purchase. Read forums, blogs, reviews and word of mouth just so I’m sure I’m investing my hard earned money to the right camera.

Why NikonD40?

It’s perfect for beginners like me, plus it fits my budget!
Nikon D40 may have been released for over 2 years now but the reviews and the positive feedbacks I’ve read made me choose this camera. Great price with great quality pictures!


Read this detailed review of Nikon D40 from Digital Photography Review.

Now if you’re from the Philippines and you want to buy this camera or any other accessories for your camera… Hidalgo, Quiapo is the place to go! Many professional photographers buy their stuff from this place. Check this forum from Digital Photographer Philippines so you’ll have an idea.

I bought mine at Henry’s Camera Photo Supply. I saved almost P5,000.00 compared to mall prices! Just visit their website for more details and price list. Here’s their contact number:

  • 733-77-23
  • 734-50-99
  • 735-79-89

You’ve probably heard of Mayer’s if you’re familiar with Hidalgo shops. Yes they are cheaper but Henry’s price are now competing with theirs. I was discourage to buy from Mayer’s because I’ve read a LOT of reviews and comments from their customers that the owner is very arrogant plus rumors that they are selling refurbished items. Since I’m a newbie with DSLR cameras, I wanted to be assisted by the salesperson and help me out with the purchase and walk me through the basics…and I got that from Henry’s! =)

Here are some of my test shots. Sorry if it’s a bit crappy. Don’t know how to manually set everything yet. It’s mostly set to automatic mode.

[svgallery name=”090713-NikonD40″]