A Quick Solution for Internet Connection Problem

June 4th, 2010|

Recently I’ve been having problems with my Internet connection…Thanks a lot PLDT DSL! >:( I’ve called their support several times […]

Polar Panorama

April 17th, 2010|

My first try on editing my panorama shot into a Polar Panorama. Here is the before picture of my shot […]

Whois-Search & Internet Archive

February 4th, 2010|

Do you ever wonder who owns the website you are browsing or maybe how it looks like years ago? Here […]

MANNY & HEIDI Digital Wedding Storybook

January 17th, 2010|

My first time to layout and design a storybook. I made one for my sister’s wedding. =) Click here to […]

Tarpaulin Design

October 24th, 2009|

(click image to see full size or click here)

This is the tarpaulin that I designed for our upcoming […]

How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error for WordPress Sites

June 28th, 2009|

Have you ever gotten an error message “500 Internal Server Error” one time while opening your website?
Here’s a quick […]

Vector Image in Black and White

June 22nd, 2009|

Please hover onto the image to view the original.

“Graduation picture”

Photo Retouch Wrinkles – Demi Moore

June 11th, 2009|

Here’s the final result of a simple photo retouch of Demi Moore with added glow. Below is the original image […]