WordPress 404 Homepage Redirect

July 23rd, 2011|

Page not found. Once a visitor reads it, tendency is for them to leave your page. Not good! If you’re […]

Disable Comments in All WordPress Posts

June 21st, 2011|

We all want valuable comments in our blog, but what could be the reason why we want to disable it? […]

How to Test Your Site in Different Browsers

March 27th, 2011|

As a web designer, it is very important to test your pages in different browsers to make sure all your […]

Beach Wedding Photobook

February 28th, 2011|

Wedding photo storybook layout I made for Perry and Elaine’s beach wedding at Sol y Mar, Tigbauan, Iloilo. All wedding photos […]

Vintage Wedding Photobook

February 3rd, 2011|

Wedding photo storybook layout I made for Lance and Femie. The theme of their wedding is black and white and […]

Skype is Down!!!

December 23rd, 2010|

Many Skype users (including me) have experienced a worldwide outage earlier this day. They explained in their Status Update what […]

Cigar Guy??

October 11th, 2010|

I haven’t heard of him until after I read an article on Yahooo! Cigar guy is this mysterious grinning stranger […]

Happy 12th Birthday Google

September 27th, 2010|

[Image by: Wayne Thiebaud]
Happy Birthday Google!
(September 4, 1998)
Thanks for GOOGLE chrome, earth, map, gmail, adsense, webmaster, analytics, blogger, […]