Malalison Island Culasi Antique Travel Information

October 4th, 2014|

Culasi is a third class municipality in the province of Antique, located 189 KM north of Iloilo. The people […]

Fujinon XF 18mm f2.0 Lens Unboxing and Sample Photos

June 3rd, 2014|

After almost a month of waiting, it finally arrived! My new 18mm Fujinon lens. My sister bought this lens for […]

Fujinon XF 35mm 1.4 Lens Unboxing

April 14th, 2014|

I recently bought the X-T1 at Macys Camera Shop Cebu. Instead of getting the 18-55 kit, I opt for […]

I’m back… for the meantime :)

August 6th, 2013|

Wow, can’t believe I totally ignored this blog for over a year now! I’m doing tons of work right now […]

My Bestfriend’s Angel

October 7th, 2011|

I’m back! Hurray! It’s been a while since the last time I blog… and so for my coming back post, […]

Puka Beach Boracay

July 20th, 2011|

Puka Beach, unlike White Beach in Stations 1 to 3, is a quieter and relax place away from the […]

Little Photo Android App Sample Photos

June 27th, 2011|

My handy-dandy little Photoshop, Little Photo for Android mobile. I love the effects and there are tons to choose from. I […]

My First Maternity Shoot

June 9th, 2011|

I have discovered a new love for maternity shoot, maternity boudoir to be exact :D I just love seeing pregnant […]